Black Hole images for Vu+ Uno4K SE


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Black Hole 3.0.6 Vu+ Uno4K SE

This Image has the latest drivers but CAN be installed in OpenMultiboot. The image does not need to be installed in flash

What is new ?

Completely re-written the BH EPG system.
Added EPGImport support
Added FreeSat, Netmed, ViaSat and Virgin EPG
Updated Sky EPG
Added options to Load-Save-Delete epg.dat
Updated CrossEPG
Fixed DVB Subtitles issue on some channels
Swapped Buttons around in BH panels to match layout of other images
Various Skin updates from MX10

Please Note:

Due to limited resources some end of life models will no longer be supported from BH 3.0.6 onwards. If you want to use BH with these receivers please use version 3.0.5

The following is a list of the receivers that will not be supported in version 3.0.6 onwards:

Vu+ Zero
Vu+ Ultimo
Vu+ Uno

Vu+ Solo

Black Hole 3.0.6 Vu+ Uno4K SE